Who We Are

Twenty-seven years ago, Lay Assets introduced their legacy to New York City. As a Fair Practice construction company based in Brooklyn, they have spent the past fifteen years creating beautiful multi-story luxury buildings throughout the borough–earning them the reputation as a respected company in New York’s Real Estate landscape.

With forty-five years of combined experience, each partner brings a well-honed knowledge of business to their collective expertise in construction, real estate, & development, creating a specialized, all-encompassing approach to their endeavors. As a team, they have spent the past five years thriving on several projects while they pursue further ventures together.

In 2015, Lay Assets partnered with STAREALTY Estate, LLC, a successful full-service real estate agency [with an in-house architect], dedicated to matching prospective homeowners and renters with their dream homes. This partnership has provided the leverage to expand their business as developers and allowed the real estate team to quickly sell the developments.

The Team


Eddie Yair

Born in Jerusalem, and calling New York City his home for over thirty years, Eddie Yair knows the significance of establishing roots. With a family background in real estate–his father was a developer in Israel–it was a natural progression into development himself. Eddie partnered with long-time friend, Viacheslav Levkov, who was already making his mark in masonry, and their first project was right on Brooklyn’s Avenue O. Just as family is most important to Yair, the process of building something from nothing is an endeavor that requires careful thought and expert follow through. This makes the future bright for Eddie and his partners: as they build on an already impressive portfolio, they are expanding into renting buildings and managing all of the properities that they are developing.


Viacheslav Levkov

Viacheslav Levkov already knew Yair when he broke into real estate in the United States in 1992. Levkov got his start as a project manager, moving on to establish his own successful masonry business; after ten years, learning about the industry through his work and dealings, he was confronted with a choice: with a minor in engineering, and a love of architecture and design, Viacheslav has always found true joy in creating. As real estate development was also the more profitable choice, he left behind masonry, boasting an impressive four-hundred projects already under his belt. Now, when Levkov walks the streets of Brooklyn with his family, he can proudly point to the legacy he’s making by dedicating his life’s work to making New York City’s iconic skyline even more beautiful.


Yaacov Azrad

As a self-made businessman, Yaacov Azrad has spent his life building successful enterprises. In 2008, with the desire for growth beyond his success in fashion & retail, Yaacov expanded his reach into the world of real estate. After working on a few buildings, he partnered with Yair and Levkov—long-time friends—drawing upon his experience in design to help elevate the quality of life of the community surrounding him. Also from Israel, Azrad now considers New York City just as much his home; and together, with his partners, he is making Brooklyn even better, one—or more—buildings at a time.